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Youth Programs San Antonio

Ages 4-18


Soccer Programs

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We offer extensive training for all ages from 4-18 years old.  Our three core programs are Junior Academy, Academy and Competitive. Each program is specially designed for that age group and complement each other with the goal of full player development at all ages.  

For example, a player entering Junior Academy at 4 or 5 years old and is typically playing for the first time.  We will develop that player and prepare them for Academy level play and eventually onto Competitive .  

If a player enters our club at the Academy or Competitive levels, that's ok too.  We will get them up to speed with the latest in training and team concepts.  

No matter the age a player enters the Club, we support their goals by developing individual player and team skills.  Whether it's to play until high school or continue on to college-level play, our programs are focused on helping every player realize their full potential as a player.   


Comprehensive Youth Soccer PROGRAMS By 100% Licensed coaches

We offer a comprehensive youth soccer training system for ages 4-18 all of which are under the leadership and guidance of 100% licensed and dedicated coaches. 

  • Youth Junior Academy (ages 4-6)
  • Youth Academy (ages 7-9)
  • Youth Competitive (ages 10-18)
  • Surf Select Teams (ages 9-18)
  • UPSL National Amateurs (Men’s/Women’s ages 16+)  
  • WPSL National Amateurs (Women’s ages 16+)  
  • Three statewide soccer tournaments

Junior Academy

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Program Overview

  • Birth Years:  2014 - 2016
  • Program Type:  Bi-Annual (Fall/Spring)
  • 100% Licensed Coaches

Junior Academy is all about getting players comfortable with the ball at their feet.  There are no goalkeepers which encourages all players to participate on the field of play.  Players can play a defensive role but are encouraged to move and get touches on the ball.  All players will have an opportunity to play in different roles and positions.  All games are played on our home fields.   


boys running together

Program Overview

  • Birth Years:  2011 - 2013
  • Program Type:  Annual
  • 100% Licensed Coaches

Academy emphasizes player development in a team setting without the pressures of short-term wins, losses, or results.  We use small-sided games to prepare younger players for the transition into competitive soccer.  This setting reinforces teamwork and sportsmanship, while developing social skills and self-confidence. Games are played across San Antonio against other clubs and introduce "travel" games.  All teams get free access to all three San Antonio Surf Tournaments on our home fields. 


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Program Overview

  • Birth Years:  2002 - 2010
  • Program Type:  Annual
  • 100% Licensed Coaches

Competitive includes comprehensive training including speed, agility, goalkeeping and advanced team concepts and training that prepare players for college-level play.  Games are played across San Antonio and Texas and can include statewide tournaments and college showcases.  All teams get free access to all three San Antonio Surf Tournaments on our home fields. 

Surf Select

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Program Overview

  • Birth Years:  2002 - 2010
  • Program Type:  Annual
  • 100% Licensed Coaches

Surf Select is comprised of the top club players .  The Select team plays against other top club teams across Texas.  The most talented players on the club-level Surf Select teams can be called up to play on the National Surf Select Team based in San Diego, CA.  The National Surf Select Team plays in national and international competitions with exposure to college coaches and professional scouts nationally and internationally.