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Is the tournament "stay to play"?

Yes, all our tournaments are "stay to play". You can make hotel reservations through our travel partner Traveling Teams (link listed on our main tournament page).

Is check-in online or in-person?

Check-in will be online and sent out the week of the tournament.

Do i need to have permission to travel to participate in this tournament?

Any team not affiliated with STYSA must provide their permission to travel form at check-in.

We are an out-of-town team, will we have Friday night games?

Out-of-town teams will not be scheduled games on Friday nights.

Can i import my player roster from GotSport or TGS onto ESC Tournaments?

Unfortunately, you cannot import rosters from GotSport or TGS onto our tournament website. 

Am i able to export a CSV of my roster on GotSport?

At the moment GotSport does not offer a way for coaches to export their rosters.


*note that our event will not show up in GotSport, you will need to search league matches to find your player cards.

I don't see my tournament registration on gotsport, where can i find it?

ESC is not affiliated with GotSport. You will not be able to view your tournament registration through your GotSport account.