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South Texas Surf Select Program

South Texas Surf Select


El Paso, San Antonio, and Central Texas have united to form a State Level Surf Select program, bringing together the best of the best players from the three clubs.  Interested Surf players can attend State ID Events to be considered for selection to a team of their gender and birth year.  Once selected, they will attend training events and top-level competitions with their teams throughout the year.  Players excelling at the State Level will be selected to attend Regional Surf Select ID camps in the hope of making a Surf Select National Team (made up of the best Surf players across the Nation).

State Level Opportunities:


Older-aged teams will compete in events that put them directly in front of college and professional scouts.  Younger teams will compete in events that pit them against top competition where iron sharpens iron as they battle their way through their brackets.

Regional/National Opportunities:


Regional camps are designed to bring in Surf players from across the country to perform in front of Scouts and to be evaluated for selection to Surf Select National Teams.  Once selected for a National Team, players will play in the most coveted National and International events for youth players.  These events will allow them to showcase their skills in front of college and professional scouts, against the top clubs around the country as well as Academies from some of the biggest clubs around the globe.  Imagine your 13-year-old on a pitch in Europe competing against academies from Juventus, FC Barcelona, Porto, AC Milan, Manchester United, etc.?  The experiences and opportunities provided through the Surf Select Program are unmatched.


December 12 - 13, 2020 Round Rock Open 2007 - 2010 BOYS/GIRLS Round Rock Multipurpose Complex, Round Rock, TX
December 12 - 13, 2020 Arlington Soccer Showcase 2003 - 2006 BOYS/GIRLS Arlington, TX
December 5 - 6, 2020 STXSS TRAINING WEEKEND 2003 - 2010 BOYS/GIRLS Alamo Sportsplex, San Antonio
August 22, 2020 BOYS/GIRLS ID EVENT 2003 - 2010 BOYS/GIRLS Chester Jordan Park, El Paso
August 15, 2020 BOYS/GIRLS ID EVENT 2003 - 2010 BOYS/GIRLS Alamo Sportsplex, San Antonio
August 1 - 2, 2020 BOYS ID EVENT 2003 - 2010 BOYS Alamo Sportsplex, San Antonio
July 25 - 26, 2020 GIRLS ID EVENT 2003 - 2010 GIRLS Alamo Sportsplex, San Antonio


For additional information please contact Rick Kuchka (



Q:  Can anyone tryout for South Texas Surf Select teams?

A:  Players wishing to tryout must be a member of a Surf club in South Texas to be eligible for this opportunity.


Q:  If my child is selected for a South Texas Surf Select team can they still play with their club team?

A:  Yes, South Texas Surf Select is an additional opportunity and does not take the place of regular club programs.


Q:  Are there fees for South Texas Surf Select?

A:  Ideally, we are working towards making this program fully funded but at this time there will be very minimal fees to cover the events, just like there are if you attend a tournament with your club team.  Fees will be communicated as events are scheduled.


Q:  How many players make the teams?

A:  Rosters will consist of 18 players and will include 4 alternates in case of injuries, Surf Select National Team call-ups, or other obligations that prevent a rostered player from participating.


Q:  How can Surf Select benefit my child?

A:  Surf Select takes puts the top players from all of Surf Nation together to train and compete in elite competitions both domestically and internationally.  These events draw not only top teams from the US but also top Academies (FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester City, AC Milan, Juventus, etc) from around the globe.  In addition, your child will potentially be competing under the watchful eye of both professional and collegiate scouts.  National leagues (ex. ECNL) can provide quality competition for youth players that provide many benefits for their development, but not everyone can afford the fees that come along with it.  Surf Select targets events where you’ll get both quality competition and a platform to perform in front of scouts.  It’s a great value and opens up many opportunities for the players.


Q:  How many times throughout the year do players attend Surf Select?

A:  Not including the ID events, there would be 2 – 4 other Surf Select events the players would attend.  Schedules will be posted on the website once dates are confirmed, and league play and Spring cups are taken into account so that players won’t have to miss playing with their assigned club teams.

For more information on these exciting opportunites please go to your local Surf page:

San Antonio Surf, CTX Surf, or El Paso Surf.