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Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Best Of The Best?!

By Tristan Shields, 06/11/20, 12:45PM CDT


South Texas Surf Select Creates New Opportunities

As the youth soccer landscape changes and new leagues emerge, the costs to participate continue to rise.  Understandably the leagues have expenses that need to be covered and some of the opportunities they provide don’t come cheap, so the price to play is all relative and it’s up to parents to decide whether or not it’s what they want for their child.  But what if there was a way to keep costs down and still provide incredible opportunities for the players?  What if parents wanted another option that allowed their son/daughter to play in more localized leagues (saving on travel costs) but still get opportunities to be seen by college and professional scouts?  Surf Nation may have figured it out…

We are pleased to announce a new program for our Surf families as El Paso, San Antonio, and Central Texas have united to form a South Texas Surf Select program, bringing together the best of the best players from the three clubs.  Interested Surf players can attend State ID Events to be considered for selection to a team of their gender and age group.  Once selected, they will attend training events and top-level competitions with their teams throughout the year.  Players excelling at the State Level will be selected to attend Regional Surf Select ID camps in the hope of making a Surf Select National Team (made up of the best Surf players across the Nation).

Older-aged teams will compete in events that put them directly in front of college and professional scouts.  Younger teams will compete in events that pit them against top competition where iron sharpens iron as they battle their way through their brackets.

Regional camps are designed to bring in Surf players from across the country to perform in front of Scouts and to be evaluated for selection to Surf Select National Teams.  Once selected for a National Team, players will play in the most coveted National and International events for youth players.  These events will allow them to showcase their skills in front of college and professional scouts, against the top clubs around the country as well as Academies from some of the biggest clubs around the globe.  Imagine your 13-year-old on a pitch in Europe competing against academies from Juventus, FC Barcelona, Porto, AC Milan, Manchester United, etc.?  The experiences and opportunities provided through the Surf Select Program are unmatched.

“For years now the pay to play system in the US has taken a lot of heat because it leaves many talented kids sitting on the sideline because their families can’t afford the fees,” said Rick Kuchka (San Antonio and Central Texas Surf’s Executive Director).  “It’s a legitimate concern and one that we think about a lot at the club, but the reality is that if you want a professionally run league, club, etc., there are going to costs associated with that.  However, the more we’ve discussed it the more we realize that maybe we can provide options for everyone.  The motivation for our staff is that we love soccer and we love helping to mold young athletes.  Nobody is getting rich doing this, it’s all about the feeling we get by passing along knowledge and watching the players grow.  In a landscape where exclusivity is one of the biggest complaints, finding a way to be more inclusive is something we want to realize.”

As San Antonio, Central Texas, and El Paso Surf look for more ways to provide opportunities for everyone, be sure to click the link below for more information on the program.  There are pages with updates at the National Level and also the State Level programs, along with frequently asked questions and event dates and registrations.  It’s a program with a lot of opportunity and reasonable costs.