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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of the SA Surf Soccer COMPETITIVE Program?
  • Structured, well-managed place for kids to play and achieve their goals (playing soccer in middle school, high school, college soccer, or beyond).
  • Player and skill development
  • High level of play and competition
  • Experienced, licensed coaches and trainers

Playing in a club environment creates a spirited and supportive network of players coaches, and parents. We like to think that our players have dozens of coaches along with hundreds of teammates and fans.

How is the competitive program different from the recreational game?
  • Competitive soccer at SA Surf Soccer Club will have more training opportunities:
    • Two regular practices per week (U11-19)
    • Optional in-season supplemental player development sessions
    • Goalkeeper training sessions
  • Training by more qualified coaches with a group of peers with the same interests and desire.
Are the SA Surf sc Coaches/trainers licensed?
  • SA Surf is very proud of its coaching staff. Our state- and nationally-licensed coaches make up one of the most qualified coaching staffs in the San Antonio area.
Where do teams practice?
  • Since SA Surf SC either owns, and/or operates/maintains both Alamo Sportsplex and Culebra Creek Soccer Park, All SA Surf SC teams practice at one of our connected Soccer Parks.
    • 7440 FM 1560 San Antonio, Texas 78254
  • All fields are lighted, giving our teams ample training options.
  • This location provides convenient access from anywhere in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Please visit our "FIELDS" page for directions and more information.
When is the competitive soccer season?
  • There are two seasons during a player’s one year commitment: Fall and Spring.
  • U7-U13 Competitive teams play August-November and March-May.
  • U14-U18 Competitive teams play August-November and March-May; however, the season may run through June depending on State Championships, Regionals, and College Showcases.
Isn’t playing competitive soccer expensive?
  • Compared to recreational soccer, competitive soccer program can definitely cost more. However, SA Surf SC believes that our Competitive Soccer Program offers more value to the player/parent.
  • SA Surf SC also offers scholarships to qualifying families with financial hardships.
  • Additionally, we have a payment installment program to help ease with the burden of making a lump sum payment for the club dues.
Are there different playing formats between the competitive and recreational programs?
  • Ages U5 & U6: 3v3
  • Ages U7 & U8: 4v4
  • Ages U9 & U10: 7v7
  • Ages U11 & U12: 9v9
  • Ages 13 & up: 11v11
What is the "training/coaching Philosophy" of SA Surf sc?
  • SA Surf SC’s overall training/coaching philosophy is focused on long-term player development.
  • The club trains according to a time tested youth curriculum.
    • U7-U12 players will be exposed to professional training based on a small-sided games format.
    • 1v1 through 4v4 games are the foundation of this environment which produces confident, creative and skilled players.
    • The games-based approach is also a challenging, competitive and proven mechanism for learning soccer specific skills.
  • During the season, each player in the club will have the opportunity to receive an evaluation from their coach to help identify strengths and weaknesses.
    • U7-U10 evaluations are with the parents
    • U11-18 evaluations are with the players & parents
    • These evaluations allow for the opportunity to ask questions about the child’s development.
  • Our club's U13-18 player development curriculum is focused more at the tactical development of the player.
What are tournaments like?
  • Tournaments are hosted by our club, other soccer clubs, or civic organizations and provide a great opportunity to play teams from outside the greater San Antonio area or even from outside the state/country.
  • The teams are typically guaranteed a minimum of three games depending on the size of the tournament or number of teams in your age division.
  • Trophies, plaques or similar awards are normally given to the first and second place teams.
  • Most tournaments provide a host of offerings such as:
    • Vendor booths
    • Merchandise booths
    • Promotions
    • Exhibition games
  • Additionally, older teams may have an opportunity to go to college showcase tournaments. These types of tournaments provide players an excellent opportunity to be scouted and seen by college coaches and recruiters.
Does SA Surf host any tournaments?
  • SA Surf hosts 3 annual tournaments at Alamo Sportsplex and Culebra Creek Soccer Park.
  • Please visit the "EVENTS" main page for more information pertaining to the individual tournaments.
Do competitive teams play on Sundays?
  • Some league and friendly games are scheduled for Sunday afternoons.
  • During a tournament, depending on the success of the team, Sunday play can be expected.
Is playing time still equal in the competitive program?
  • The mandatory "50% Playing Time Rule" that is used in the Recreational Program is not requirement at the competitive level.
  • Coaches try to provide ample game time for all players; however, it is not always equal depending upon the game situation.
  • Training is focused on each and every player in order to maximize their development.
  • Our coaches are experienced and while they may want to win, they are sensitive to the needs of the players.
How is SA Surf Sc organized?
  • SA Surf SC has a governing Board of Directors, Executive Director, Director of Coaching and Program Coordinators.
  • Each competitive soccer team has a team manager that coordinates the activities of the team.
    • They are not involved in coaching. However, they serve as a liaison between the parents and the coach.
  • The Director of Coaching and Program Coordinators oversee the selection and training of all the players and are responsible for recruiting, assigning, and oversight of coaches.
How are players chosen for the competitive program?
  • Each prospective player will attend either the main tryout session, normally held in May, or an individual evaluation session (if the player missed the main tryout session).
  • Each prospective player is assessed based on four components:
    • Technical ability - passing, receiving, dribbling
    • Tactical ability - decision-making with and without the ball
    • Physical ability - speed, agility, strength, power
    • Psychological - composure under pressure, coachability.
What if a player is not chosen for a competitive team?
  • Unfortunately, not everyone may make a team. While it is disappointing, you are encouraged to keep trying. Players develop differently. One year can make a big difference.
Must a player play in their age group?
  • While there are limited exceptions, players usually play within their appropriate age divisions.
  • "Playing Up" is a decision made by the individual's coach and/or Director of Coaching with various factors weighing in the decision.
Is there a conflict playing high school soccer and playing competitive soccer with SA Surf sc?
  • Absolutely not. We want our players to play for their schools and fully support their endeavors.
  • Additional practices, normally on Sundays, are scheduled to ensure that those high school players receive the same attention/coaching from their SA Surf SC coaches.